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Animals of Sicily

My recent trip to Sicily yielded a few projects. This is a portfolio of animals I came across while touring Sicily.



M&M Wedding Teaser

June 18, 2016 – Marybeth and Mark exchanged their wedding vows at Riverview County Club in Easton, PA. This teaser video is the first part of a 2 part package now offered by Gregory Salvatore Media Studios in Easton, PA. The video footage was shot by Dave Richardson Video Services and Editing was completed by Gregory Salvatore Video Services.

Cars & Coffee – Lehigh Valley – April 24, 2016

Lehigh Valley Photography

I have always been a car guy and I love going to car shows. I always had the pictures around of the cars and now can take those photos myself and many think a car show is a great place to get those photos. I see photographers offering their services or files at the shows for a price… But a car show is a horrible place to take car pictures. While you can get a few good shots, the ration of the cars in the perfect spot with the right lighting, background, no one around as well as the owner being next to their car well, it’s just is not a target rich environment.

I do enjoy going, I even enjoy taking my camera. I just don’t expect to get great shots nor do I expect to sell anything there. I share the shots I took that I enjoy or was able to get that great shot. Below are my favorites and below the video are some tips for getting a great shot at a show or setting your car up so others can get a great shot.

Some of my favorite Cars

Getting a great shot at a car show.

In order to great shot a car show, there are a few things you want to look for.

  • Make sure the car side you are taking is in direct sunlight – Unlike most forms of photography, the lines of a vehicle will greatly be enhanced by direct sunlight. It is a great way to enhance a car or motorcycle photo. This assumes there is no people in your photo. Shooting cars and models or people require different methods to get the best shot.
  • Check the background. – The background can make or break a photo. Be sure to find a car with a clean background and try to crop out other cars and people.
  • Eliminate people and other vehicles. – Car Shows are designed to get as many people and cars in a spot, especially the higher end and most popular cars. Owners are looking to restrict access to their vehicles or want to show off their work. Most of what they do take away from a photo. Very few cars look good with their engine hood open, having awards or stories on or around their car are distracting for a photo.

So while at the car show look for your favorite car… and Find your favorite photo. Rarely is it one and the same.


Video – Starting something new.

photography, video,
Recently, I have been unable to share a lot of the work I have been doing due to commercial work and privacy clauses. Today, I take on a new project that is different than anything I have done previously. Today, I will be capturing live conference at the Hotel Bethlehem and editing it into a training movie. This will be the first time capturing video without a retake option.
I find myself looking back to 6 years ago when I started photography, back then I would carry EVERYTHING with me. Would I need this… would I need that, could this help, could that… I packed everything. Today, I know what I will need and quite honestly, have too much stuff to even consider taking it all. Today’s project I am able to assess what I need but I still I find myself taking more than I should.
The project I am doing today involves capturing a conference with 1 camera/ cameraman. Simple right? Camera, tripod, and I purchased a shotgun mic. The problem is the speech is 1 hr 15 min. Today’s DSLRs are only allowed to capture 29 min and 59 sec at the most. So in theory, speakers pause and I could quickly turn the recording on and off very quickly and bingo, no problem. 3 Pieces of equipment and I a sure many do just this… But not me, not the professional.
I am backing up everything. While I routinely ALWAYS have backup equipment, it is not always in use. Today I am taking 2 cameras,a  shotgun mic, cables to hook up my phone to a mixing board to record directly off the board, 2 tripods, 3 lenses, a flash (just in case I end up needing to take a photo or 2) my ipad, 2 computers and various grip equipment I may need. Overkill? Most definitely! This equipment all fits in my camera bag and 1 roll behind tote.
My plan is to have a clean copy of audio if the pa system has an output, my main camera on a stationary tripod recording from a fixed position with the shotgun mic and ac power supply. The ac power supply insures I do not have to worry about the battery. This camera will be operated remotely from a laptop to I can pause and restart quickly. The 3rd camera will be on a video tripod and I will capture the conference with zoom, pan, etc… This will allow me to cover gaps in the pause if I have to as well as produce a better looking video by changing angles.
The ipad has a function in all this because my 2nd camera does not put a timecode on the file which makes it easy to edit with multiple cameras, especially multiple cameras operated by a single person. I will have available a slate program. This will allow me to put an actual time code in the beginning of a file so I can use that information in the editing portion later.

Hiring a Pro for Photography, Video or anything else

This is the difference between hiring a pro and someone that owns a camera. Today many call themselves photographers, videographers, djs, planners etc. Few actually are. I priced the job based on what the customer required and guarantee I can deliver. Should my primary plan fail… I will still have an awesome product to deliver to my client.

Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah – First Look!

bat mitzvah

Mazel Tov! – Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah

December 5, 2015 – Hampton NJ, Hannah celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at The Farmhouse at the Grand Colonial.

Photography by: Gregory Salvatore Photography, 484-548-0838

Videography by: Dave Richardson, 267-210-6647

Music and Entertainment by: Mix Master DJs 201-859-2603

Here is a first look at the event. ENJOY!

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