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Creative Portrait Photography

Do you really want your portrait to be “natural”? Most people want a natural “looking” portrait. We strive to make everyone see you, as you see you.

Don’t fall trap to gimmicks like natural light and no posing to get that natural look. This is a sign the photographer doesn’t know how to take exceptional portraits. The best portraits are done in a completely controlled environment. This means making sure the subject is positioned in the best light and balancing natural light or eliminating it. Imperfections and lines can be both enhanced or diminished with the right lighting. Don’t hire someone that doesn’t know the difference.

Creative Portrait sittings should both enhance your favorite features and diminish those you do not particularly care for. More than that they should bring out your personality. We will sit with you to create a portrait that tells a story about you. We can offer advice on wardrobe, makeup, hair and props to create a vision. Whether it is a traditional family portrait or a very stylized shoot creating a high end story portrait, we will work with you creating stunning imagery.

Portraits sittings are always controlled. Whatever your setting or backdrop, we can control and advise how to get the best picture in the right setting. We can provide cover, reflectors, scrims and/or provide extra lighting.

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Portrait Investment:

30 minute Professional Portrait Session $75:

  • Up to 30 minutes of Photographer’s time and talent in our studio
  • At least 3 fully edited images to choose from
  • 1 portrait of your choice on digital file with Low res social media files and full resolution file for printing.
  • Personal and Promotional Licensing.

1 Hour Family or Child Photo Session $100:

  • Up to 1 hour of Photographer’s time and talent at a single location
  • At least 10 fully edited images to choose from
  • $100 credit toward your purchase

2 Hour Family or Child Creative session $175:

  • Up to 2 hours of photographer’s time and talent with multiple changes in backdrop, location, angles and/or clothing changes
  • At least 20 fully edited images to choose from
  • $175  credit toward your purchase

Platinum Creative Session $250:

  • Up to 3 hours of photographer’s time and talent with multiple changes in backdrop, location, angles and/or clothing changes
  • At least 40 fully edited images to choose from
  • Custom Phone App of your images
  • $250 credit toward your purchase

Other Portrait Styles Offered By Gregory Salvatore Photography Studios:

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