Senior Portraits

Senior Photo Sessions for the High Schooler in your life.

Announce to the world you are here and ready to take it on. Your senior portrait is more than a year book picture or  a portrait that Mom hangs in the same frame every year. You most likely haven’t had your own  photo taken by a professional since you were a toddler and have 11 horrible photos taken by someone that has 15 seconds to take your photo on school picture day.

Not this year! This year you will be treated to a session to make you look your best and images that are inspired by you. Session includes formal head shot, casual shots, and multiple shoots that define you as a person. What are your hobbies? What are your interests? What organizations are you in? We will define a shoot that will define you.

Take a look at our Senior sample gallery here.

Find out about your Senior investment here.


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