Creative Wedding Photography

After the flowers have wilted
and the ring bearer has grown…
Your photos will be there
to tell the the story of your love.

Your wedding day is all about pomp and circumstance… but it doesn’t have to be. Our Creative Wedding Photography packages are about putting the punctuation on your story. A creative session tells more about your life, your love and your special day. Not only are we going to cover your special day, we are going to plan out the story you tell. One of Love, Adventure and Fantasy.

While most of the day is recording the event and the reception, our creative package will fill gaps to offer photos that have people drawn into your wedding album. The Formal Photos, the ones of you and your husband, your wedding party etc., will be planned out in advance. we will take some time and do layouts that are more than just a wedding photo. Photos that tell a story about more than just your wedding day.

Wedding Photography Investment is customized to your needs and day. We build a package to suit your story and accomplish your goals.

Standard Benefits:

  • Edited Photos – We take the time to edit all the photographs from your wedding. The closed eyes, the bad poses, bad lighting and bad expressions are removed. We then take the rest of the photos and edit them to perfection enhancing details and creating a wonderful portfolio of your wedding.
  • Two Photographers – Gregory, along with one of our other photographer affiliates will be on hand all day to capture your wedding
  • Full Day Coverage – Our full day weddings do not have hourly confines to your day. We discuss your days plans and leave when the party is whining down OR when all we are getting are blackmail photos 😉
  • Engagement Portrait Shoot- Having an engagement shoot before the wedding allows for a more relaxed time on the wedding day. We get to know each other a little and I get to see how the two of you react. You will receive a $100 credit towards prints for yourself and others.
  • Wallet Sized Favors* – All your guests receive a photo of the couple or from the pre-bridal shoot on the front and a link to a custom web page for the wedding first look on the back.
  • PROOFS!– Yes you will receive 250 actual pictures to look at, share and decide what you want in your album. We select the best 250 that we think tell your story and bind them for you to take and look at. The rest of the photos are available in an online proofing gallery.
  • 12X12 Custom Album – Large album allows for more images or a more prominent display. We will sit with you and help you decide and pick out photo for your storybook.
  • 10X10 Custom Guest book* – Included is a custom guest book that includes images from your engagement session.
  • Album Images on CD – Get a CD with images used in your 12X12 Custom album. Be able to use them… Online, personal portraits, scrapbooking or whatever your personal desire.

Available Options and Benefits:

  • Assistants- Photographer assistants allow for better lighting and off camera flash. This gives a unique look and feel to your album. (This may be required depending on your schedule and goals for your day.)
  • Additional Photographers– If 2 are not enough, you can have more. Multiple Photographers allow for capturing different angles of the same event. While one is focused on the bride the other is focused on the groom. One can be close up while another getting a wide angle.
  • Pre-Bridal Shoot- Typically the day is coordinated with the trial run of hair and make up. After your appointment at the hair stylist/ Makeup artist we do a shoot of the bride in her dress. This allows for favors and present options available on the day of the wedding.
  • Trash the Dress Shoot Growing in popularity the Trash the Wedding shoot allows for a more relaxed set of photos with the bride and groom without the worry of getting it dirty before the reception.
  • Sweetheart Shoot Want an idea for a wedding gift for your spouse-to-be. A sweetheart shoot is a great wedding present. Just before you leave to your separate rooms, they will enjoy the images from sexy to as bare as you dare photo shoot.
  • Photos on CD with Licensing Rights– Get a CD with images from your package. Be able to use them all… Online, personal portraits, scrapbooking or whatever your personal desire.

Full day wedding packages start at $3,000 $2,500.

Contact us to discuss a custom wedding day package for you.


* items only available if an engagement or pre-bridal session is booked at least 2 months in advance